UK Racecourse Guides

There are 60 racecourses throughout the UK and we have horse racing tips for every course when available. Our UK racecourse guides offer information draw bias, top trainers, jockeys and pointers to look out for when betting on horses. We follow our racecourse guides closely when offering our horse racing tips. The list of UK racecourses spans across the UK in England, Scotland & Wales. There used to be 61 racecourses all together but Folkestone closed down in December 2012 and now there are no thoroughbred racing fixtures sadly available. Whether it will reopen again we are not sure, whilst the closure is in place there will also be no point to point racing fixtures for thoroughbred racing.

Over the history of racing there has been racecourses right across the UK which have now closed down. Some of these held some significant meetings back in their day including the Lincolnshire Handicap which started in Lincoln but now is held at Doncaster.

In total 97 racecourses between 1900 and 1981 have closed the doors on racing in England, Scotland & Wales. With these closures new courses have opened up and taken their place in racing and today horse racing is as popular as ever.

We have compiled a list of active racecourses with betting advice and some useful pointers to look out for on each course. We have horse racing tips for all racecourses across the UK with up to date news on horses to watch and which ones must be backed.